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How to deal with the mental load

By Michelle Burke

FT Ignites

13 February 2023


Reads the full article in FT Ignites 

PA Consulting's Michelle Burke, people and change expert, discusses how to deal with mental load in an article by Anna Devine in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Michelle says: "People who have families might experience mental load due to the intersection between scheduling, planning, and organising, and intrusive thoughts related to these activities, which can impact wellbeing. It is traditionally assigned subconsciously to women, however it is not just a challenge for them."

She concludes: "While flexible working and an acceptance of non-traditional working patterns are helpful, the right organisational culture is key to realising the full benefits. Creating communities where people share their own experiences, advice and advocate for continuous progress or improvement can help tackle mental load. In parallel, you should be vocal about your own boundaries to encourage an open environment."

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