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How hybrid working impacts staff development

By Robert Van Egghen

FT Ignites

05 July 2022

Sally Bibb and Chris Manning, people and change experts at PA Consulting, comment on the impact of hybrid working on staff development, in an article in FT Ignites.

The article discusses the impact hybrid working has had on employee development and training, with senior staff voicing concern over the ability to monitor staff development.

Commenting on this, Chris says: "Hybrid working can have a detrimental impact on skills development," adding that "Employers need to recognise that the technology barrier is reducing the opportunity for traditional ways of learning.

"In-person training sessions, events and opportunities to shadow colleagues to upskill and learn by osmosis are less available."

The article goes on to discuss how firms need to develop tools to aid training and development under this new way of working.

Chris explains that the emergence of new training and learning technologies in the past two years has facilitated new ways to learn without needing to be physically present.

"From artificial intelligence-enforced knowledge management tools such as Microsoft Viva Topics and LinkedIn Learning, to the continued rise of digital whiteboards such as Miro and Mural, these developments can provide newer and sometimes better options for training."

Chris adds that it is "critical that staff training programmes understand and cater for each individual’s preferred learning styles, while employers should also consider whether employees want to learn new skills outside their traditional role".

"Providing these kinds of opportunities can help engage and retain employees," he says.

Adding to this, Sally concludes: "a more flexible approach to where and how training is delivered can be more inclusive".

"Breaking down the dogma that certain types of training has to be face to face means workers in remote offices or those with disabilities can now access training when previously they might have been excluded," she adds.

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