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How culture can thrive in a hybrid world

By Anna Devine

FT Ignites

16 May 2023

PA Consulting’s Philip Campbell, people and change expert, discusses how culture can thrive in a hybrid world with Anna Devine in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Philip says: “hybrid working makes it harder for leaders to shape and shift their culture.”

Adding: “with 85 per cent of employees spending at least some of the week working from home. Employers need to focus on dealing with that challenge.”

Philip goes on to say: “Organisations must understand and build on existing cultural strengths, focus on the actions that will have the biggest impact, and identify the small interactions that really change behaviour. The actions that have the greatest impact on the culture of a hybrid workforce require a focus on the organisational system, developing ways to connect emotionally with employees, and effectively shaping individual behaviour.”

He concludes: “the greatest impact will be made through a focus on leadership role modelling, and nudging how people talk to one another and their everyday interactions wherever they work.”

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