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Has hybrid working led to 'meeting creep'?

By Robert Van Egghen

FT Ignites

25 July 2023

PA Consulting's Clare Roberts, people and change expert, discusses the nature of workplace meetings under hybrid working arrangements in an article by Robert Van Egghen in FT ignites.

Commenting on this, Clare says: "Ground rules are required to ensure online meetings maintain focus. The rules should include keeping cameras on (where possible), using the raise-hand function before speaking and avoiding the use of the chat, which can create unhelpful side-bar conversations."

She adds: "Effective use of digitals tools can make virtual or hybrid meetings more productive, including collaboration tools such as online whiteboards, survey tools or breakout rooms to help maintain engagement among large groups. Meanwhile assigning different roles to staff in a meeting such as time-keeper, notetaker, 'rabbit-hole' monitor and voice of the customer can help keep meetings on track, as can being clear about the purpose of the meeting and the processes and people involved to achieve that purpose."

Clare concludes: "Some organisations are now requesting that staff attend important meetings like board or steering group discussions in-person as companies believe these offer opportunities that hybrid meetings lack. In-person sessions allow meeting participants to pick up the nuances of communication and have time to connect more informally, and build relationships, during breaks. This informal, social glue is important, and often lacking in online meetings and reduced in hybrid meetings."

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