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Five easy wins in cyber security

By Christine Horton

Financial Times

21 September 2023

PA’s Cate Pye, cybersecurity expert, is quoted in an article in the FT’s special report on navigating cyber risk. The article looks at some of the quick simple steps that organisations can take to protect their data and prevent security breaches.

The article explains that humans are a very important aspect of securing a business and sometimes companies can forget about this detail. Organisations need to work to develop a security mindset.

Cate explains that companies need to engage individuals and give them pride in the fact that they’re looking after company data. The company needs to make it easy for employees to do the right thing, or to put it another way, harder to do the wrong thing. Cate shares an example of email pop ups if an employee tries to click on an external link which then forces employees to stop and check before clicking: “It makes you delay, and think slower – you have gone out of ‘automatic’ mode”, she says.

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