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Firms must build ChatGPT guardrails or ‘risk damage’

By Chloe Leung

FT Ignites

06 June 2023

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PA Consulting’s Alwin Magimay, global head of AI, discusses the need for firms to build ChatGPT guardrails or risk damage with Chloe Leung in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Alwin says: “clear policies” on the use of generative AI tools are an “absolute necessity” and need to be established along with data security measures, and guidelines for communication through ChatGPT.

He goes on to stress the importance for companies to carry out regular audits and monitor to stay updated on ChatGPT technology in order to adjust guidelines accordingly.

Adding: “to voice their concerns, suggestions and experiences related to ChatGPT usage is [also] vital to inform policy improvements.”

Alwin concludes: “comprehensive training programmes designed to educate employees on the optimal usage of AI tools are important alongside guidance. Companies need to provide employees with an understanding of the boundaries of acceptable usage, how to avoid misinterpretation of ChatGPT’s responses and deal with any issue of ethics or bias.”

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