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Why you must prioritise rest this festive season

By Anna Devine

FT Ignites Europe

22 December 2021

PA Consulting’s people and talent expert, Lizzie Newbury-Helps, comments on the importance of rest over the festive period.

The article discusses how the combination of the pandemic, pressure of possible lockdowns, uncertainty over festive gatherings, increasing risk of catching COVID-19, and end-of-year deadlines has made people feel more stressed than ever before.

Lizzie says that many feel they are “crawling” to the Christmas break, which is why getting plenty of rest and relaxation over the festive break is so important.

The article goes on to explain the benefits of rest to people’s mental and physical health. Lizzie says: “It’s essential we all give ourselves permission to take a break. Whether it’s a Netflix binge or a long walk, resting and recharging is fundamental for good mental health and wellbeing. Taking the time to unwind properly over the festive break, and not just filling it with other activities, will contribute to a positive start to 2022.”

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