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The ‘next wave’: how to deal with back-to-work anxiety

By Anna Devine

FT Ignites Europe

27 April 2021

PA Consulting’s transformation expert, James Godfrey, explains how workers and employers can deal with back-to-work anxiety.

The article discusses how, even though many will relish a return to the office once working-from-home guidance eases, there are growing concerns that others will experience panic, worry or unease.

James says: “The very inference of going back to the workplace will lead to anxiety.”

Organisations that fail to handle anxiety among their workforce are at risk of seeing a hit to their bottom line.

According to the 2021 Global Wellbeing Survey by Ipsos and Aon, stress, burnout and anxiety are the top three risks impacting company performance.

Some planning will be required as having the right mix of employees on site will be an important aspect of any return to the office, says James.

James explains that some organisations may already have driven anxiety into the employee base by overtly stating inflexibility. He adds that firms cannot revert back to the old way of doing things and the paradigm of what makes a high-performance team is changing.

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