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Asset managers urged to tie pay to diversity goals

By Chloe Leung

FT Ignites

03 May 2023

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PA Consulting's Ed Fox, diversity and engagement expert, discusses linking executive pay to DEI goals with Chloe Leung in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Ed explains that there is “still a lot more to do" in terms of linking executive pay to DEI goals across organisations.

Adding that some firms are "nervous" to do so as they fear that publishing such goals could be seen as "performative".

Ed goes on to say: "Organisations face their own unique DEI circumstances and challenge and do measure progress in different ways. Regulators can help firms to monitor diversity progress by setting clear guidelines."

Adding: "Regulators play an important role in guiding and overseeing these efforts by establishing clear guidelines, best practices and realistic targets to focus attention on the right work, which will help us achieve meaningful and consistent progress."

Ed concludes: "It is positive to see that some firms are now publicly stating their DEI goals, and linking them to executive pay, because transparency increases accountability."

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