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How to embrace career cushioning

By Dom Lawson

FT Ignites

01 February 2023

PA Consulting’s Amy Finn, people and change expert, discusses how to embrace ‘career cushioning’ with Dom Lawson in FT Ignites.

Commenting on this, Amy says: “The Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine have taken a toll on physical and mental wellbeing, and the cost of living crisis is also biting hard. Given these pressures, it's no wonder people are putting backup plans in place, and getting ready for the next change that the perma-crisis will bring.”

She adds: “Putting a plan B in place involves thinking about applying current skills and experience, but also investing in personal development in new areas that may have been a long-term interest, or personal passion. This results in people acquiring wider skills, knowledge and experience that can bring huge value not just for future career opportunities, but also in their current career”.

Amy concludes: “Employers should not see career cushioning as a threat, but use it to hold on to critical talent. While reward and job security will always be hygiene factors, employees today are motivated by the opportunity to work as part of a strong community of like-minded people where they are invited to collaborate and innovate. Employers wanting to retain top talent should focus on how they can better connect those people through organisational communities and cross-functional projects, and provide internal opportunities to support their career growth.”

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