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What boards need to know about artificial intelligence risks

By Jessica Tasman-Jones

Financial Times

31 May 2022

PA’s Lee Howells, head of artificial intelligence, comments on the surge in AI use in the workplace, in a specialist Financial Times publication called Agenda, which focuses on corporate boards

The article explores the risks associated with using AI in the workplace, explaining that companies have increased their use of AI by 7% compared to 2020, calling for a need to better understand this new technology, and how regulate it.

Commenting on this, Lee explains that many organisations are knowingly or not, using some sort of AI, whether its security log monitoring or thermostatic building control. He explains: “No organisation that holds large amounts of data can expect to compete without some form of advanced analytics. The arrival of easy-to-use AI tools on cloud platforms will only accelerate its use.”

Read the article in full here

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