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Top edge computing trends to watch in 2020

Proteus Duxbury, transformation expert at PA Consulting, discusses edge computing trends to watch in 2020.

Read the full TechTarget article here

The article notes that edge computing ranks as a top emerging technology trend for 2020, with leading technologists and tech researchers saying this distributed computing model will advance innovations across all areas of business and society.

Although big transformations driven or supported by edge are likely years away, experts have pegged the next 12 months as a pivotal point, with adoption of the key technologies that enable edge computing use cases increasing in various industries. Here are some highlights you can expect around edge computing in 2020:

Edge computing use cases will remain most common in limited sectors

Proteus says: "There's going to be continued migration to the edge for IoT devices, but this migration hasn't reached the mainstream yet. It's still specialized use cases, and it will remain that way for the next two to three years." 

IoT technologies such as sensors and end-point-enabling networks form the foundation of edge computing, making the move from IoT to edge a natural progression. Thus, edge computing is expected to be most advanced in 2020 in industries where IoT already has a strong foothold, including energy, utilities and manufacturing. 

Other industries will increase their adoption rates of edge computing in 2020

Proteus says: "I can't think of any industries that shouldn't be thinking about edge computing -- it's just some will be moving faster than others. The next two years we'll be in this try-it-out mode."

CIOs across all industries need to start planning and investing for edge

Proteus adds that CIOs should be thinking about their current capabilities and whether they're ready to support edge computing uses cases; if not, they'll have to develop a roadmap for improvements and investments in areas such as software-defined networking.

CIOs will need to work edge computing into their plans for the future

Proteus says: "You have to have a good cloud strategy so you can understand the interplay between cloud and cloud on the edge, and they have to plan for 5G because 5G is going to play a huge role in this. You can't think of edge in a vacuum; you have to think about all these other things that are moving along."

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