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EV smart charging can be a grid asset

By Jonathan Roth

T&D World

14 November 2022

The job of electric utilities is tough. Because storing electricity can be costly, utilities and grid operators must perfectly match supply and demand every second of the day, otherwise blackouts ensue, and billions of dollars of infrastructure could be damaged. Extreme weather events, increasing levels of renewable adoption, and growing demand due to electrification are fundamentally making utilities’ job even more difficult.

Electric vehicles (EV) are a major part of the energy transition—the force behind decarbonization and the defining problem of this century—but they’re not being adopted fast enough. The transportation sector accounts for nearly 30% of US greenhouse gas emissions, and EVs are primed to be the major solution.

Smart charging—the practice of intelligently managing and controlling charging speeds and schedules—is the technology that can both help utilities more easily transition and accelerate EV adoption.

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