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Manufacturing industry could reach planet’s 1.5 degrees carbon target by saving water

Environment Times

26 November 2021

PA’s latest report on water decarbonisation is extensively covered in an article in Environment Times. The article explains that leading industries could save 86 billion cubic metres of water and provide a quarter of the annual emissions cuts needed to meet the 1.5°C global temperature 2030 climate goal set out in the Paris Agreement.

The article quotes Jonquil Hackenberg, PA’s head of climate response, who says: "Collaboration is key to solving our global water and carbon challenges. There really is a virtuous circle where reducing water consumption and using water more efficiently reduces energy use and costs, resulting in lower carbon emissions and wider benefits to the environment. To progress further, faster, it's imperative that leaders treat water as a high priority area of opportunity and think about the water-carbon relationship holistically across the entire supply chain.”

The article goes on to list the key findings of the report and how leaders can address these issues and achieve results by:

  • understanding their water and decarbonisation challenges and opportunities
  • determining greener ways to access water
  • innovating for water and energy efficiency

This report has also been covered in Sustainability Magazine and Smart Water Magazine.

Read the full article in Environment Times

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