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Design experts reveal their favourite creatives for inspiration

Creative Boom

25 January 2023

Lara Strauss, a design strategist at Design Partners, part of PA Consulting, discusses who has inspired her approach to creativity, in an article in Creative Boom by Chelsey Pippin.

Lara explains that Bethan Wood’s designs inspire exploration and abundance. She says: “ London-based artist and designer Bethan Laura Wood served as an incredible source of inspiration for me.”

She goes on to say how Wood’s work has had an influence on her own creative practise more recently: “It is very refreshing that Bethan Laura Wood doesn't shy away from embracing decorative elements. In recent years, I tended to reduce my design languages to the absolute essential, finding beauty in radical minimalism and shy tech. Yet lately, I found this approach increasingly boring and therefore more challenging to plant meaning in my designs”.

“I started to develop an appetite for more fun, organic, delightful, and narrative expression. Ultimately, her work has motivated me to become more explorative myself again and embrace the concept of abundance – which means much needed to escape the sea of sameness.”

Women standing at a table of crafts
Pictured: Lara Strauss, design strategist at Design Partners, part of PA Consulting

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