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Putting artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads in the cloud

By Stephen Pritchard

Computer Weekly

19 September 2022

PA Consulting’s Lee Howells, head of AI, comments on the benefits of implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads in the cloud, in an article by Stephen Pritchard in Computer Weekly.

Commenting on this, Lee explains: “Such capabilities are beyond the reach of many organisations’ on-prem offerings, such as GPU processing. This demonstrates the importance of cloud capability in organisations’ digital strategies.”

Lee goes on to add that: “Cloud providers also offer domain-specific modules, which have already evolved in financial services, manufacturing and healthcare.”

Lee concludes by saying: “Some organisations prefer to keep their most sensitive data on-prem. However, with cloud providers offering industry-leading security capabilities, the reason for doing this is rapidly reducing”.

Read the full article here.

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