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On-prem vs cloud storage: Four decisions about data location

By Stephen Pritchard

Computer Weekly

19 December 2023

PA Consulting’s Rahul Gupta, data expert, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of on-prem vs cloud storage in an article by Stephen Pritchard in Computer Weekly. 

Commenting on how frequently organisations access data, Rahul says: “Management of large, frequently accessed datasets is economically and performance-wise more advantageous with on-premise storage solutions.”

Adding: “It comes down to how well applications are optimised for the cloud. Firms that move existing workloads to the cloud can hit performance and cost issues, whereas those that use cloud-native applications fare better.”

When asked about the cost considerations, he explains: “Optimised on-premise storage can still be the cheaper option. Much depends on how new the customer’s on-site infrastructure is, and how much life it has left. Cloud storage also has hidden costs. Data egress is frequently cited as a reason for higher than expected bills, but firms can also find they pay more than expected because they store data for extended periods in expensive tiers rather than dedicated cloud archives. Again, careful application design and a clear picture of data use will minimise this.”

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