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Organisations are redesigning their businesses to access a global workforce in battle for talent and efficiency

By Alix Pressley


15 May 2023

Read the full and original article in Intelligent CIO

 PA Consulting's Manish Khandelwal talks about the 2023 UK IT Sourcing Study, commissioned in collaboration with Whitelane Research to discover more about outsourcing relationships in the IT industry as well as cloud relationships. Alix Pressley writes about the report in Intelligent CIO.

The article outlines key findings from the 2023 UK IT Sourcing Study.

Commenting on the research, Manish Khandelwal says: "“Headwinds in the wider economy mean that the need for transformation has never been greater for a number of UK organisations. However, the war for talent continues to be intense, coupled with real and significant cost pressures. This is pushing organisations to rebalance their technology delivery organisation and operating model, optimise the use of outsourcing and insourcing, utilise talent at global locations and maximise the value from the technology investments they have made over the last few years."

He adds: "The outsourcing industry continues to thrive and the industry players that are innovative, proactive and can translate advancements in new technologies to deliver practical, tangible solutions at pace will have the opportunity to grow even stronger.” 

Results from the UK IT Sourcing Study are also covered in IT Europa and Computer Weekly.

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