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Tech sector reacts to Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

By Jonathan Symcox

Business Cloud

22 November 2023

PA Consulting’s Derreck Van Gelderen, data and AI expert, is quoted in an article on how the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement impacts the tech sector.

The Chancellor pledged £500 million over the next two years to fund artificial intelligence innovation centres to build on the existing supercomputing centres in Bristol and Edinburgh. 

Commenting on this Derreck says: “Earlier this year our Minister of AI announced three focus areas: Investment, Regulation and Reach. Today’s Autumn Statement shows that although there is investment going into our infrastructure, more needs to be done to build the AI talent pool and drive its adoption across the whole country.”

He goes on to say: “Whilst the UK is following up on its promise of providing an additional £500m investment to fund more innovation centres and provide AI developers the compute they need, when compared to the investments announced today in other sectors it may not be enough to ensure that the UK becomes, as the Chancellor states, ‘an AI powerhouse’.”

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