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20 April 2023

PA Consulting reports on healthy performance in 2022 with growth of 96 percent over five years

PA Consulting, the company that’s bringing ingenuity to life, is proud to announce another year of strong growth for the year ending December 2022.

In 2022, its 80th year, PA:

  • Generated fee income of £785 million, growing its business by 14 percent YOY and 96 percent over five years
  • Launched The PA Foundation, committing to disbursing £10 million over five years, with over £1.2 million donated to 20 charities
  • Donated more than 10,000 hours of its people’s time and expertise to support communities where its people live and work
  • Welcomed over 1,300 new colleagues, grew its partner numbers by 52, and made 815 promotions
  • Welcomed two new teams to strengthen its design and innovation capabilities - Design Partners, a product design and innovation agency, and The Cambridge Group, a leading strategy consulting firm.

PA is the only company to deliver end-to-end innovation, driving significant value for clients. In the face of constant change and uncertainty in the world, clients are seeking a partner who can create opportunity from complexity. They’re also recognising that capitalising on those opportunities requires fundamentally new approaches that can only be achieved by bringing together diverse teams of experts.

PA strengthened its expert ranks with more than 1,300 new colleagues, including growing its partner numbers by 52, and awarding 815 promotions.

PA also welcomed two new teams: Design Partners, an award-winning product design and innovation agency in Europe, and The Cambridge Group, a leading strategy consulting firm in the US.

PA’s teams earnt critical acclaim for their exceptional design work, receiving several high-profile awards including:

  • The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Special Achievement Award recognising their work creating industry-leading products for Nike, Microsoft, Logitech, and more
  • A Red Dot Award for their work designing the Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller
  • Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards for two sustainability-led client projects. Green Boom, which has developed a sustainable way to help prevent, reduce, and clean up oil spills, and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, for leading the creation and delivery of a roadmap to put an end to plastic waste.

In 2023, PA’s newly formed team of design, engineering, and science experts will continue to work together across a global network of creative studios, research labs, and engineering centres, creating breakthrough solutions to their clients’ most challenging opportunities.

Now in its 80th year, PA has a rich heritage of innovating for its clients, from start-ups with world-changing ideas, to some of the most important global companies and organisations. Delivering many world-firsts: the first self-service parking system, the world’s first private digital telephone exchange, the first recordable compact discs, the first breadth-actuated metered dose inhaler, and the world’s most powerful prototype handheld laser.

At each step of the way, PA has found innovative ways to enable its client to be faster and nimbler, and to create the services and products that grow clients’ businesses, delight customers, and serve citizens.

2022 highlights: building a positive human future

In its 2022 Ingenuity Review, PA identifies six global shifts, which will create new and exciting opportunities for clients.

Empowered consumers   

The customer has always been at the centre of commercial success. What's changed is the power that connected, informed, choice-conscious customers now wield.

In 2022, PA worked with Gjensidige - Norway’s leading insurance provider – to help them meet the demand for digital, customer-centric services. PA’s team designed a more cost-efficient delivery model and ways of working across countries to enable Gjensidige customers to enjoy quicker and smoother journeys.

Healthier humans   

Health underpins our personal and collective experience and the way we receive care, and the way outcomes are delivered, is evolving at speed.

In 2022, PA worked with clients to create new care approaches, reflecting the shift toward more personalised care and medicines, and greater autonomy for patients. PA worked with Viscero to design a revolutionary way for people suffering arrhythmia to monitor their heartbeat that’s non-intrusive and can be done without seeing a medical professional.

Future organisations 

In  a world where aware, alert, inclusive teams can respond to customer needs and competitor moves at pace, digital transformation is at the crux of today’s future-focused agendas.

Faced with a disrupted market, Pret a Manger sought to accelerate plans to take its business online. PA teamed up with Pret to design a new digital customer experience, roll-out a new coffee subscription proposition, launch Pret’s first customer loyalty programme, evolve back-office operations, and build a new data platform.

Business for better   

Today, what organisations stand for matters as much as what they do. The power of a purpose that drives their ‘why’ as well as their ‘what’ is increasingly important. In the case of the Danish Diabetes Association, PA created a strategy that kept a laser focus on the Association’s purpose, delivering to the population they were tasked to serve, and keeping those living with diabetes at the centre of every decision.  

Safer societies    

Be it our homes and families, the technologies we use, or wider geo-political uncertainty, security is the foundation of our individual and collective success.

PA’s team worked with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, a specialist division of the UK Ministry of Defence, to apply quantum technologies to the process of human decision-making, enabling quicker, more informed decisions in a complex military environment.   

Sustainable world   

From tackling worldwide plastics use to capitalising on renewable energy classes, finding ways to make life more sustainable has never been more urgent.

Securing a prominent project to bring clean energy to America’s shores was a long-held ambition for offshore wind development company, US Wind. In seamlessly pooling expertise in analytics, regulation, and energy policy, PA enabled US Wind to punch above its weight and prepare a winning bid to deliver offshore wind for the state of Maryland against tough competition.

Investing in PA people

PA is not only committed to delivering great outcomes for its clients but to making PA a great place to work. PA was thrilled to see its Women in Tech team win the ‘Best Employer Network’ category at the Women in Tech Employer Awards 2022 for their work to proactively build an inclusive community, provide learning and development experiences, and drive opportunities for women in STEM careers. PA also grew its internal support networks, introducing Working Families, Neurodiversity, and PA Jewish communities to better support and represent its diverse workforce.

PA people also gave back to the communities where they live and work. Through the PA in the Community programme, and The PA Foundation – which both share the mission to develop and inspire people, particularly those facing disadvantage, to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow – PA people gave over 10,000 hours of their time and expertise. The PA Foundation distributed over £1.2 million to charity partners, supporting greater educational access, STEM, and social mobility, and has committed to disbursing £10 million over the next five years.

It has been another year of great accomplishments for PA as we’ve been bringing ingenuity to life. We’ve delivered superb results for our clients, creating lasting value for them. The impact we’ve been able to have is down to our brilliant team. We’re a team of changemakers, and I’m so proud of PA’s incredible accomplishments: with our clients, with one another, and in the communities where we live and work. Together, we’re building a positive human future.”

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