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It's time for innovation to get out of the slow lane

By Chuck Grieve

ADS Advance

04 October 2023

PA Consulting's Chris Atkinson and Laura Marsden discuss the new GovAssure program launched in April, which a new cybersecurity assurance scheme for government organisations, in ADS Advance. 

Commenting on this, Laura says: "Focus across all sectors has shifted in recent years from defending networks and systems against ever-increasing, ever-evolving threats to how do you respond and recover from an incident quicker."

She adds: "In high-profile cases where organisations have been under attack, what has caused the most damage had been how long it takes to get back up and running."

Chris says: "Two opportunities for industry involvement may arise from the self-assurance element of the scheme. While specialists such as PA Consulting may have expertise to offer at CAF stage, the real opportunity will come when organisations learn what they need to do to reach the required standards."

He adds: "Remediation activities are where we would see opportunities for any supplier of services into government. It's a growing area. There's a cyber skills gap not just across government but across industry."

Chris goes on to explain that: "GovAssurance had similarities to the National Institute of Standards and Technology cyber security framework in the US which has spurred standardisations over the last decade."

He concludes: "I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar happen in the UK. We're moving beyond cyber essentials with a CAF that's more holistic, covering the culture in security, for example."

Read the full and original article in ADS Advance 

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