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PA Consulting energy market experts advise Chilean solar industry and Ministry of Energy on electricity market design reforms to support country’s decarbonization goals

By Ethan Paterno


01 September 2022

Ethan Paterno and Pieter Mul, energy markets experts at PA Consulting, participated in a planning workshop for La Asociación Chilena de Energías Renovables y Almacenamiento and Chile’s Ministry of Energy. The workshop discussed PA’s recommendation for Chile’s current electricity market design to support private investment in clean energy infrastructure to meet the country’s climate goals of 80% renewables by 2030 and net-zero by 2050.

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On August 31, La Asociación Chilena de Energías Renovables y Almacenamiento (ACERA A.G.), held a Workshop on the "Potential Impacts of the Sufficiency Regulation Proposal", to discuss impacts and recommendations of the Sufficiency Regulation Proposal.

The event, was attended by 80 people in person and 190 online, began with the presentation of the study "Potential Impacts of the Sufficiency Regulation Proposal in the Chilean Electricity Market, and Recommendations to achieve climate goals”, by Ethan Paterno and Pieter Mul of PA Consulting.

Additional panel discussions touched on strategic industry analysis and large-scale infrastructure financing.

A the end of the meeting, Ana Lía Rojas, Executive Director of ACERA noted: “The (Chilean) Ministry of Energy together with the Ministry of Economy has just convened us today, together with other representatives of the sector, to a pro-investment table made up of working groups to address various urgent short-term matters, and with great satisfaction we can announce that one of these working groups is precisely to work on improvements in the Power of Sufficiency approach. We believe that the Ministry has collected the relationship between the importance of the definitions of this regulation with the impact on investments, and therefore, this Table, which is going to start on September 5, will be able to collect our work as an Association together to the PA Consulting study as a contribution to the discussion, analysis and recommendations.”

As part of this work, a kick-off of the PA Consulting study was also held, with a special presentation by the experts, prepared by ACERA for advisers to the Chilean Ministry of Energy.

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