Webinar: The Balancing Act - combining resilience and agility to thrive through disruption

By Adam Stringer, Amy Finn


COVID-19 proved to us all that resilience alone was not enough to survive disruption. Firms also needed to be able to adapt to the uncertainty of the new normal – they needed to be agile.

Building organisational agility into business-as-usual has been a challenge for decades and organisations are often hamstrung by a misguided belief that agility and resilience cannot work together. But we believe the two can be complementary.

Hear from Adam Stringer and Amy Finn as they discuss how you can adapt to future uncertainty and thrive in a fast-changing world.

Our webinar with UK Finance explores how agility and resilience can be ingeniously combined into your operating model so you can better adapt to, and thrive through, disruption in the future.

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About the authors

Adam Stringer PA business resilience expert
Amy Finn PA people and talent expert

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