Webinar: five ways financial services firms can empower sustainable living

By Jason Hill


The consensus that climate action is key to a positive human future has never been stronger. Environmental consciousness is no longer the preserve of a small band of campaigners, but a mainstream phenomenon that increasingly conscious consumers are driving.

Banks have an opportunity to respond to these changing customer demands by re-focusing on their purpose and accelerating digitisation to become more accessible, inclusive and efficient.

Sustainable housing is one such opportunity for financial services firms. They can remove many of the barriers to living more sustainable lives in more sustainable homes by creating and curating an ecosystem that simplifies financing of a more sustainable lifestyle.

At PA, sustainability is central to our mission to build a positive human future, so it’s something we’ve helped all kinds of organisations embrace. Hear from sustainability experts Mark Lancelott and Jason Hill, who joined UK Finance’s sustainability director Paul Chisnall and sustainability manager Ben Rattenbury, as they explore five ways financial services can make an impact.

Webinar: Innovating towards more sustainable living

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