Taking control of tomorrow

Many strategy and leadership teams in service providers and vendors struggle to craft longer-range plans because the future is just too uncertain.

Given the investment required to build a different set of capabilities, taking a chance is too risky. So what route do you take in order to create an actionable strategy to address the market and ready the organisation for the communications landscape of 2015?

There are three fundamental questions that need to be answered when crafting long range plans:

  1. What are the plausible options?
  2. Which option should we go with?
  3. How do we make the most of our chosen option?

This publication takes us through this journey setting out four conceivable directions that the industry could take using the PA Consulting Group (PA) FutureWorlds methodology. It helps identify the plausible options by asking which factors will most influence the emerging communications landscape: by aggregating these factors, we can then filter out the noise and concentrate on a manageable set of actionable strategic choices. They are not mutually exclusive but by their nature only one will really be right for your particular circumstances. Of course, to truly believe in this you need to make the journey yourselves but we are sure you will find our journey thought-provoking.

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