Supporting people this Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is running 10-16 May 2021. The week provides a great opportunity to remind everyone to take a step back and think about how they are – to look after themselves and take care of their mental health.

At PA, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Network is taking this opportunity to promote and support our mental health at work through a series of events happening throughout May. We’ve got mental health experts sharing their advice with PA people through virtual calls, remote yoga sessions to help people relax and practice mindfulness, and, to reflect this year’s theme of #ConnectWithNature, people across our firm are sharing their photos of nature and why it’s important to their mental health.

The Mental Health Foundation chose the nature theme because being in nature is an effective way to alleviate mental health problems and protect our wellbeing. This has been particularly important during the pandemic as nature has been one of the most popular ways people have sustained good mental health. We’re not just talking about long walks in the deep wilderness, simply listening to birdsong, taking care of a house plant or sitting in the garden can have a huge impact on how we feel.

Check out some of our people’s nature photos, and read why nature matters to them, below.

Sally Bibb, PA people and talent expert, standing in a wooded area

Sally Bibb, PA people and talent expert

“I go for an early morning walk most days. I live in the ancient city of Winchester and often walk in the cathedral grounds. No matter what’s going on in my life, I find it calming and reassuring to see the colours of nature, and the solidity of the trees and buildings that are hundreds of years old.”

Open ocean with a part of a boat's deck and sail framing the horizon

Christian Norris, PA economics expert

“Screens and connectivity are great and have their place. However, there’s something primordial about harnessing the wind and respecting the oceans’ ultimate power. As a Cornishman, I head to the cliffs or the nearest boat (sometimes on the Thames) to help gain perspective and reconnect!”

Lake surrounded by green trees with ducks on it

Tes Benjamin, PA HR expert

“I try to go out for a walk as much as I can as it helps me feel grounded. It gives me time to feel stillness and calm, and appreciate my surroundings.”

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