Providing programme assurance to ensure successful project delivery

Successful project delivery is more important than ever for organisations operating in a demanding economic climate. Programme assurance plays a vital role in confirming that major investment programmes are on track or in identifying the need for early action to mitigate future risks. However, not every organisation has the capability or experience required to carry out effective programme assurance.

By choosing an independent expert partner to conduct programme assurance, organisations can address the ever-present risk of cost and times overruns, and significantly improve the chances of successful project delivery.

Ensuring a good team fit for effective programme assurance

PA’s approach is evidence-based and analysis-driven, but we recognise the importance of the human factor too. To deliver effective programme assurance, we ensure that that our own team has the right mix of skills and experience to fit with the client’s team. This ensures good working relationships across all parties and a focus on achieving common goals. As a result, the process can be applied while allowing the project delivery team to focus on its job. Any programme assurance review we undertake provides practical recommendations that can be quickly implemented to ensure successful project delivery.

Mitigating programme risks for a UK energy distributor

PA worked with an energy distributor in the UK to undertake programme assurance for the company’s new operational management system. The programme had encountered earlier setbacks so the company needed reassurance that it was on track to deliver against its stated objectives. We started by examining all elements of project delivery, as well as working with suppliers and stakeholders, to provide an early view on the big issues in the risk profile. This informed our recommendations for actions to mitigate the risks. These actions were put in place and the new system was successfully deployed on time across all the company’s distribution networks.

Reducing project timescales to save our client £0.5 million

In another major project, PA provided programme assurance to help a transport infrastructure provider get an upgrade project back on track. The company was involved in a five-year programme to redevelop key London Underground lines. One project was over a year behind a revised schedule and was constantly missing key targets. PA reviewed the project, diagnosed the root causes of the failures and then provided the expertise to turn the project around. As a result of our work, the timescales were reduced by more than three months and saved the company £0.5 million.

To find out how PA’s programme assurance experts can give you confidence that your programme is on track for successful delivery, please contact us now.

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