Mind the gap: An AI manifesto for the boardroom

At the recent FT Future of AI Summit, Alwin Magimay, PA’s Global Head of AI, described how to create an AI manifesto for the boardroom.

Alwin Magimay speaking at the FT Future of AI Summit

As AI rapidly transforms business, he described how Boards need a clear strategy and approach, such as an AI manifesto to outline their principles for ethically and responsibly integrating this technology. This demonstrates their commitment to safely harnessing AI's potential in alignment with corporate purpose.

Manifestos boost trust, attract talent, and provide competitive edge by showcasing leadership in developing AI for positive societal impact. With the patchwork of global AI regulations, Boards must also ensure appropriate governance and accountability.

Alwin also discussed the profound impacts of AI on the boardroom and what Board members need to think about as their organisations start making AI investments. Boards must proactively shape AI governance, ethics, and strategy to gain responsible advantage and become an intelligent enterprise in the AI age.

Extract provided by provided by Financial Times Live.

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