Maximize data across product development lifecycle

Data is increasingly the central focal point driving new product development. Uncovering actionable insights from the data will allow functional silos to be broken and new, efficient, seamless ways of working to emerge.  This is being achieved through the use of new technologies like machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), natural language processing (NLP), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) that enable the aggregation and integration of new and interesting sources of data. Adopting a digital way of working across the entire product development value chain will foster the innovative culture that will be key to accelerative products to market.

How digital transformation accelerates Pharmaceutical Development

Embracing digital to speed up decision making, accelerate product development, and deliver the portfolio faster, necessitates transforming expertise, tools, infrastructure, and processes.

Empowering your organization through the use of digital technologies

Ingraining digital capabilities into PharmDev will accelerate product development and deliver the portfolio faster:

  • Integrate digital workflows to drive seamless ways of working, helping break through functional silos
  • Make connecting data integral to uncover insights and speed decision-making
  • Improve computational models and algorithms using modern data science enabled by automated real-time lab data capture
  • Drive innovation by spending more time on scientific evaluations, reduce the number of necessary lab experiments, and identify better starting points for design.

Emerging digital technologies


Digital for PharmDev requires a transformation of your business and technology architectures

Our diverse team of experts combine innovative thinking and breakthrough technologies to help you on your journey toward digitizing drug development:

Define your digital strategy

  • Define organizational needs for digitization of your drug development processes
  • Incorporate insights and industry best practices to define the new operating model.

Design your digital architecture

  • Assess and design capabilities, tools, technologies (e.g., AI, IoT, Machine Learning), infrastructure, processes and metrics
  • Identify skills and training needed (e.g., data science).

Deliver your digital transformation

  • Build and adopt new digital capabilities to embed new ways of working
  • Support your Digital Transformation journey using proven program and change management frameworks.

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