Inspiring the next generation of sustainability leaders

The Young SDG Innovators Programme (YSIP) brings together talent from companies around the world to collaborate and accelerate business innovation towards the SDGs. Together, they learn how to use the SDGs as a catalyst for the development of sustainable new products and services, while developing mindsets that recognise that sustainability is good for business.

The programme runs over nine months in 12 countries and has over 300 participants – including six delegates from PA. Our innovators have developed a framework to embed the UN SDGs in the design and delivery of assignments and projects, and report/reward impacts at the team and portfolio level, as well as looking at how we could embed the SDGs across the firm.

“We talk a lot in this [sustainability] space about business as usual, but that has become a pejorative term,” said Steve Kenzie, Executive Director of the UNGC UK. “We can’t continue with business as usual. And what’s not business as usual? Innovation.

“But even innovation-as usual will not get us the kind of breakthroughs we need. So this idea of breakthrough innovation that PA is such a strong advocate for is absolutely essential to bring us innovative ideas that are going to deliver the change we need to achieve the SDGs.”

Our partnership with the UNGC continues our leading work in the sustainability space, including:

At PA, we’re delivering sustainability innovations, including technology that can deliver a waste-free alternative to plastic bottles, through to researching how circular economy principles can improve manufacturing and reduce environmental pollution in low income countries. That’s why it’s exciting to help mentor and be inspired by the next generation of sustainability leaders.

And crucially, we want to put sustainability at the heart of innovation and unlock the commercial opportunities sustainability presents. Because this isn’t only good for business, it’s business for good.

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