Webinar: driving growth through cyber transformation in financial services

Cate Pye

By Elliot Rose, Cate Pye


Covid-19 has taught us that the world can change in a matter of weeks, but also that we can survive that change and that adaptive organisations can even thrive during the most difficult of times by embracing digital transformation, underpinned by good cyber security.

In this new world, financial services firms must continue to focus on cyber security, not only to mitigate constantly evolving threats and improve business resilience, but also to unlock the growth that digital trust enables. Trust is increasingly a business differentiator, with customers demanding security by default. Taking cyber security beyond a technical specialism and putting it at the forefront of strategy at every level of an organisation has the potential to greatly improve business performance and people’s experiences, setting leaders in safe digital systems ahead of the competition. Making such a radical shift requires a cyber transformation.

In our webinar with UK Finance, we joined Nicola O’Connor Chief Information Security and IT Risk Officer at AIB to discuss:

  • the context and business drivers for cyber transformation within financial services
  • an outline approach to cyber transformation through:
    • building a cyber savvy mindset and cyber secure culture
    • embedding ingenious processes that encourage compliance
    • adopting a trusted systems approach
  • real life examples of cyber transformation in practice.
Cate Pye and Elliot Rose joined UK Finance to discuss how financial services firms can transform their cyber security.

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Elliot Rose PA cyber and data privacy expert Elliot is a member of PA's Management Group
Cate Pye
Cate Pye PA cyber and defence expert

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