Developing the skills to drive change effectively

Most business leaders recognise that, to drive organisational change successfully, they must possess the right set of skills and competencies. However, much of the training available in these essential areas can be overly theoretical, with little relevance to the practical challenges of bringing about change effectively in real businesses.

Only by learning from professionals with real-life experience of creating sustainable change can business leaders be confident of gaining the skills they need to drive change effectively within their own organisations.

PA shares its expertise in driving change by helping many of its clients develop the practical skills they need to achieve their ambitions for change within their own organisations. These include:

  • Facilitation: A single person cannot bring about change on his or her own. Planning and implementing change must be a group effort. Strong facilitation skills are therefore key, enabling change leaders to run effective group sessions where all participants are motivated to contribute to a successful outcome.
  • Effective presentation: Anyone aiming to drive change within an organisation must be able to take people with them – so effective presentation skills are a key component of the change leader’s toolkit. These skills include knowing how to build a compelling presentation and how to use body, voice and words effectively to deliver ideas and messages persuasively.
  • Change management: Whether business leaders want to drive and release change in processes, metrics, organisation structure or the way people work, they need to be able to manage the two key components of change effectively: the ‘hard’, project-focused aspects and the ‘soft’, people-focused aspects.
  • Project management: An effective project management method enables anyone managing or directing a change project to control the use of resource and manage business and project risk. PRINCE2®, the standard project management method used widely across both the public and private sectors, enables change leaders to ensure that project plans are focused on delivering technical and management products and are not simply about planning what activities will be carried out when.

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

PA’s approach

We share our skills with our clients by working shoulder to shoulder with them on complex change assignments.

In Denmark, we are able to make places available for clients on the training courses we run for our own consultants. We can also develop tailored courses for individual companies to help equip their leadership teams with essential change management skills. Our trainers and coaches are experienced consultants and experts, who apply our well-proven methods and tools in their everyday work.

To find out more how PA can help you create sustainable change in your organisation, or to receive details of ‘Sharing our Expertise’ courses available in Denmark, please contact us.

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