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By Claudia Pellegrino

Our Women in Tech team is passionate about increasing gender diversity and inclusion within technical fields. We do that by organising learning opportunities and events to actively diversify the digital industry and challenge any misconceptions women have that stop them pursuing a career in technology.

For example, in recent weeks, we’ve been hosting our coding courses (virtually) to give women an introduction to web development or Python programming. And now, to celebrate the success and efforts of the 60+ students, we’re hosting a final showcase of their achievements on 8 July at 6pm. And we’d love for you to join us.

Each student will share what they’ve learned and developed in only six weeks, and we’re inviting successful women in tech to share their inspiring stories.

Expect a jam-packed evening where we’ll see: 

  • a ‘Best Project’ chosen from the Python course, and examples of the work showcased
  • the ingenious designs achieved by the women on the web development course
  • senior women across PA and Microsoft share interesting stories about their technology, data and tech careers
  • advice from PA graduate recruitment specialists
  • a ‘Best Project’ chosen from the Web Development course.

We’re hosting the event on Zoom. To register your interest, please complete the form here.

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