Can portfolio management be the cure for your downturn hangover?

Expert portfolio management has a vital role to play in helping businesses seize the new opportunities that come with recovery.

As companies shake off the downturn hangover they face fresh challenges. The defensive approach that helped them weather the recession could hinder growth. A new strategy and new plans are required - and businesses that react fastest to the new economic climate will gain the greatest reward.

By building a high-performing portfolio management function, organisations can quickly reshape their project portfolio, allowing them to exploit new opportunities while balancing the need to protect business as usual.

React quickly, but be clear where you’re going

Your company may have already updated its strategy and associated business plans to respond to a new phase in the economic cycle, but have you applied effective portfolio management to your change portfolio?  Expert portfolio management will enable you to translate your updated strategy into a meaningful set of projects that collectively help you achieve your ambition. It will also prevent you wasting resources on out-dated ideas and free up capacity to deliver your goals.

Do something new – without breaking the business

Growth markets reward innovation and the market is hungry for new ideas. Digital business, mobile technology and virtual currencies are all challenging business leaders to think differently and embrace new ideas. This carries a huge level of risk – companies are rightly afraid of making huge bets on the wrong horse. When Facebook recently invested $19bn in WhatsApp, analysts were quick to question the thinking behind taking a risk of this magnitude.

Any transformation portfolio requires appropriate controls – when you’re trying to react quickly and manage innovative ideas this becomes increasingly important. Does your portfolio management capability give you control whilst allowing you freedom to push the boundaries?

Invest in portfolio management

Having an effective portfolio management team will give your organisation’s leaders confidence in their ability to deliver the change portfolio and in turn reap the emerging rewards.

Portfolio management helps you align your existing investments with your new strategy and make informed decisions about where to put your resources. To do this effectively requires real investment in your portfolio management team and their development.

Discover PA's portfolio management capability

PA Consulting has extensive experience of helping clients develop their portfolio management capability. We’ve worked with major organisations across a range of sectors including FMCG, Financial Services, Power and Utilities and Leisure, using expert portfolio management to help them achieve and exceed their strategic goals.

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