Accelerate product development collaborations

Product development collaborations and alliances continue to play a vital role in growing the life sciences industry. Adding to already complex arrangements emerging technology and data companies are now being involved to help develop new medicines and therapies. There has been rapid growth in the number of deals with a focus on combination products. In order to bring new medicines and therapies to market faster it is imperative to accelerate the effectiveness of your newly formed collaboration.

Unlock value faster through accelerating product development collaborations

Accelerating products to market requires focus and flawless execution of your newly established drug development portfolio after an acquisition, merger, or co-development partnership.

Different company cultures, disparate systems, and inefficient decision-making processes stand in the ;way of accelerating benefits to patients.

So what do you need to prioritize to accelerate this process?

The most successful organizations:

  • Optimize deal-specific product development activities
  • Accelerate pre-deal planning through post-deal team enablement
  • Integrate collaboration data for improved decision-making and process optimization.

Our diverse team of experts combine innovative thinking with deep expertise to help you throughout your collaboration journey including M&A, Alliances, and Co-development agreements.


  • What is your development and sourcing strategy?
  • Which process/ procedures will be used?
  • How are ad hoc decisions made?
  • Are you leveraging AI tools to accelerate patient enrollment?
  • Can you automate submission activities?

Together, we can help you bring your products to market faster.

We can support you with:

  • Playbooks to drive pre-deal to post-closure team enablement for Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Alliances
  • Agile frameworks specific to product development collaborations
  • Pre-defined R&D governance models
  • Existing platform for integrating data to drive decision making
  • AI-based technologies to accelerate patient enrollment and automate AE processing and submission activities.

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