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Smart supply chain

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Digital technologies are enabling and driving new possibilities in supply chains. Organizations need to take advantage of technology and data to bring new value to customers and across their wider supply chain.

Supply chain leaders able to seize the opportunities of technology will be able to rapidly respond to changing business needs, more easily mitigate risks, deliver new services and capabilities for customers and create more productive, happier workplaces.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing severe supply chain disruption, organisations must ensure they’re robust enough to mitigate the risks. From forecasting and planning to sourcing materials, and from manufacturing through to logistics and distribution, leaders must respond to the impact of the coronavirus. The enhanced visibility and data provided by smart supply chains leads to better oversight of customer demand and inventory levels, as well as earlier risk detection, enhanced damage limitation and the ability to adapt to whatever the future may bring. 

Spark transformation with a smart supply chain
Spark transformation with a smart supply chain

Did you know? 


of global supply chain leaders say the maturity of their supply chain vision is basic or developing


don’t know how much value will be delivered by smart supply chain adoption


of organizations lack the right mix of skills and capabilities to deliver the transformation


The value of the smart supply chain

To further explore the opportunities available and how organizations can unlock additional value from the move to smart supply chains, we spoke to over 100 global supply chain leaders across life sciences, industrial, manufacturing and automotive, consumer goods, aerospace and defense organizations. 

We set out to discover how they can realize the advances in performance, customer focus and agility that the smart supply chain promises.

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Our approach 

We’ve identified the building blocks for success. And we found that those leading the way can be characterized across three archetypes:

Performance-led: Adopts digital technologies into supply chain functions with the primary aim of driving up performance in key metrics that influence day-to-day operations

Connectivity-led: Drives transformation by integrating the end-to-end supply chain, using technology to make connections from the customer, through the enterprise and out to suppliers

Agility-led: Digital becomes part of the organization’s DNA. By design, the customer sits at the heart of the supply chain—with an embedded culture of innovation and built-in flexibility allowing for rapid response to demand.

Those able to identify the right course of action for their organization, based on our archetypes, will position themselves to unlock wider business transformation and greater value opportunities.

How mature is your supply chain capability?

Our smart supply chain diagnostic tools provide a rapid maturity check based on nine end-to-end digital capabilities. The maturity check helps organisations baseline their current digital maturity levels, evaluate the impact of their current supply chain strategy, and develop technology roadmaps to deliver the target capabilities and aspirations.

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We’ve developed four key actions for success based on your archetype and ambition:

Build your Smart Supply Chain vision

to suit your purpose and ambition, with the ultimate aim of creating a responsive smart supply chain

Understand the total value opportunity

by taking a long-term view of benefits across the end-to-end smart supply chain

Accelerate technology adoption

by scanning, assessing, piloting and scaling available options and linking their use to value outcomes

Catalyze the business to execute

by developing your processes and people with a relentless focus on efficiency, agility and exceptional service.

Unlock value from your supply chain

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