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The Next Wave of Fintech

The waves of technology and regulation are not stopping anytime soon. Are you leveraging the power of Regtech and InsurTech for sustainable growth?

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How will new technology and the never-ending flow of regulation impact financial services in Sweden?

We are seeing a rise in the number of technology firms who are developing solutions to streamline and simplify compliance, risk management, reporting, data management and general adherence to policies. PA Consulting and the Stockholm School of Economics conducted a survey to dig deeper into the growth of these RegTechs and InsurTechs and we believe collaboration between technology companies and financial institutions will form the future of financial services.


The rise of InsurTech and RegTech

It’s data that is truly driving the RegTech and InsurTech market. Regulators like Finansinspektionen are struggling to establish a holistic approach to retrieve data in realtime. Banks are also facing problems with submitting data to regulators at an ever faster pace. In the insurance market, more advanced and tailored solutions based on customer behaviour and buying patterns means today, the customer really is king. Magnus Krusberg, Swedish country head and financial services expert elaborates on these forces behind the growth of RegTechs and InsurTechs in Sweden.

The next wave of FinTech: Highlights

Our study mapped 40+ companies, included 15 case studies and interviews and over 75 pages of insights and lessons learning. You can download the highlights here.

Discover the next wave of FinTech

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Discover the next wave of FinTech

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