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Next Generation Energy 2018 Perspectives e-book

In our global annual e-book, entitled Next Generation Energy 2018 Perspectives, we explore the numerous opportunities and challenges that the energy and utilities industry faced last year and what to expect this year and beyond.

The industry is at a pivotal point of transformation, with the modern day customer now situated at the center of the utility universe, surrounded by flexible energy and renewables, next generation technologies, regulatory reforms, and an ever-changing political landscape.

These forces underscore a variety of market dynamics

  • Customer sentiment, and in turn policy objectives, continue to evolve towards a cleaner and more resilient grid, ultimately driving business model reform.
  • Clean policy objectives are becoming common place around the world, and therefore, emerging technologies such as energy storage and electric vehicles are poised for growth, with artificial intelligence and blockchain exhibiting promise.
  • Today’s anytime-anywhere digital world has changed customer expectations, creating an opportunity for utilities to redesign customer interactions, how employees work, and how the grid is operated and monitored.
  • It is vital for the grid to become as resilient and reliable as possible, in light of the uptick in natural disasters. Utilities are actively working to harden their systems against damage to prevent and decrease the number and duration of power outages to customers.

As utilities respond to these changes, their role will evolve, and hence, this publication will provide practical advice to energy leaders, as they embark on this uncertain, yet exciting journey ahead.

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