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The future is fluid

Our research reveals talent management challenges facing today's CEOs and a practical way to overcome them

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Fluid Talent Management CEO Challenges

Uncertainties and inconsistencies still plague the quest for excellence in talent management. And CEOs know that the current approaches are no longer delivering results.   

We believe it is time to take a fresh look at these techniques and tools and adapt them to match the reality of a volatile and uncertain world. Our report shows how Fluid Talent Management™ can secure, retain and support the talent which businesses need to ensure success in the current volatile business environment.

CEOs struggle with the talent management challenge

We spoke to 71 CEOs to get their perspectives on talent management in their organisations. Their answers revealed high aspirations but confusion and concern that their current approaches were out of step with their business needs.

As a result they are struggling to make the right decisions about who to invest in, and how to secure the capabilities they need now and in the future.

"The world is becoming a digital place and this has talent connotations. It is around finding the right people with the right skills in these new areas and attracting them to this company. Why, for example, would a digital marketer want to work for an insurance company?" Jon Dye, Allianz UK.

Fluid Talent Management™ is the Future

Our concept of Fluid Talent Management™ takes everything we know about talent management and gives it a new fluidity. So if the business changes then managing talent changes also.

The traditional chain of activities  − attract, identify, deploy, develop and engage − are applied in a more flexible way. And talent management is matched more closely to the organisation’s strategic focus. 

Fluid Talent Management Diagram

Download the key findings

Our key findings provide a summary of our CEO study and set out our recommendations for a fluid approach to talent management.

Download key findings

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