MaaS to Market

Making Mobility as a Service (MaaS) a reality in Norway

New technologies, platform-based business models and the shifting demands of connected consumers have converged to create the conditions for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to become a success in Norway and:

Better meet the needs of travellers through multi-modal options
Make transport cheaper, cleaner and more accessible, meeting government transport policy objectives
Provide space for new entrants into the transport sector and create new opportunities for existing players.

About the report

Major global cities such as Helsinki and Los Angeles are embracing MaaS and providing users with services that better meet their end-to-end needs, make travel more accessible, reduce congestion and make better use of land and transport options. In a country renowned for its socially progressive policies, we wanted to understand why MaaS it yet to take off. We spoke with key players across government departments, mobility organisations and other key stakeholders to identify the opportunities and how MaaS can become a reality in Norway (and beyond).

89% of respondents
believe that regulatory barriers are the biggest and most difficult to overcome
56% of respondents
anticipate MaaS will be a reality within two years
100% of respondents
believe public transport authorities will gain value from MaaS

Who has the most to gain - and the most to lose?

There’s an excitement and an optimism about the potential for MaaS in Norway. Most respondents believe multiple MaaS platforms will be up and running within the next few years, with an overall ‘value gain’ across the ecosystem.

While some organisations will need to adapt to survive, public transport authorities, rail operators, tech companies and software developers are all predicted to be big winners. How much everyone gains will depend on how they participate in ‘the game’ – for which the rules are yet to be established.

Source: PA Consulting


Successfully establishing a MaaS system calls for strong leadership and direction from the Norwegian government to stimulate movement. And it’ll need transport organisations and those in the wider ecosystem to cooperate and get on board.

Our report lays out strategies for success, in Norway and beyond, and proposes that:

  • Government must stimulate action by adopting best practice, setting a clear vision and convening the key players
  • Organisations must understand their role in the ecosystem, adapt to survive and build to evolve.

Whatever scenario becomes reality, our report outlines to steps needed to remain relevant and become a key player in any MaaS solution.

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