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RIsk & Regulation

A digital and adaptable future

Our approach

Data-driven technologies have the potential to revolutionize financial services by providing more seamless and digitally-enabled services for customers. But the potential risks are equally huge. Risk leaders need to harness the power of advanced technology to streamline and automate processes today, but stay equally vigilant to the emerging risks these advances will bring.

As firms look forward and consider how to navigate the challenges responsibly, we believe a focus on partnerships and collaboration across the financial services eco-system will be critical for success.


What we can do for you

Our 200-strong team of risk and regulation experts comprises of ex-CROs, policy advisors to UK and EU regulators, and experienced risk consultants. Collectively, we’ve delivered more than 300 assignments for financial services firms, helping them create opportunity from the challenges that come with managing regulations and risk.

We can help you:

  • Better understand regulatory requirements – we work with you to clarify complex regulatory issues, drawing on our industry expertise to ensure regulations are interpreted in a way the regulator expects and that’s relevant to your business and its environment.
  • Rethink your non-financial risks – we help you implement compliance by design, offer board advisory and automate risk processes and reporting using breakthrough technologies such as machine learning and AI.
  • Transform your governance – our governance and risk management experts have the regulatory know-how and industry expertise to conduct board and sub-committee effectiveness reviews and collective suitability assessments, enabling world class operational effectiveness of corporate governance entities.
  • Embed innovative risk management solutions - we redesign processes by using techniques like horizon scanning and combining our technology and analytics teams’ expertise to optimise and improve risk and compliance solutions and integrate innovation across the supervisory framework.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

No two businesses are exactly alike and neither are the challenges they face. Our deep technical expertise, industry knowledge and fresh approach to innovation allows us to create solutions that are proportionate and specific to the needs to individual clients.

We have been delivering exceptional results with lasting impact for over 70 years. Whether it's designing a new KYC managed service, advising on the impact of GDPR, or acting as a Skilled Person our clients choose us because we are committed to bringing them the right financial services expertise – unconstrained by conventional thinking.


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