Inflection Point

How incumbents can shape the future of Nordic payments

The Nordic region is one of the world’s most advanced retail payments markets and an innovation hotspot. Hastened by COVID-19, technological developments will further accelerate transformation during the 2020s, leading to unprecedented industry change. ​

To better understand how the Nordic payments ecosystem will evolve and how leaders can best respond, we interviewed key stakeholders in the region. We then used our FutureWorlds™ methodology to develop four potential scenarios for 2030. ​

The report makes provocations, not predictions – making it clear that Nordic payments are at an inflection point. Incumbent Nordic banks face increasing threats from new entrants, and the barriers between local and global initiatives are becoming blurred. Banks must act now, and act decisively, if they’re to retain their influence on the industry’s future development. While building on their strengths, they must be willing to break away from traditional approaches and current business models.

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