Enhancing the UK's approach to Innovation

A report produced in collaboration with TheCityUK

The UK FinTech industry is evolving, currently home to over 1,600 FinTech firms and bearing witness to an increasingly sophisticated FinTech ecosystem as start-ups and established operators step up their collaboration efforts.​

Interventions on the future of regulation, including the FCA’s Open Finance initiative and the Bank of England’s Future of Finance report, show there is a willingness to consider how best to support innovation.​

Our report, produced in collaboration with TheCityUK and with the input of over 20 industry leaders draws on interviews with more than 20 individuals holding senior positions in UK, US and European FinTechs, financial institutions as well as UK and US regulators.

$3.3B investment
UK FinTech rose 18% to a record $3.3bn in 2018.
76.5K people
employed in FinTech and this is predicted to rise further to 105k by 2030
82% of incumbents
expect to increase their FinTech partnerships over the next three to five years
Enhancing the UK’s approach to innovation in financial services - Report launch webinar
As a global leader in this space, the UK should be striving to match the innovation of our FinTechs with the collaboration and support of our regulators.”
Financial Services Expert

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