Women in Defence UK Awards 2024


This year marks the 9th Annual Women in Defence UK Awards. Brilliant people work in the sector. The Awards recognise individuals and teams working in defence of the nation and help to accelerate gender equity.

We’re grateful to our Founding Partner, PA Consulting, for hosting our nominations proforma.

Our motto is ‘Deeds not Words’. If you know someone who you think should be nominated, this is your opportunity to show them you really respect what they do. Choose from one of ten categories, some for individual women only, others for any individual and/or teams.

Before continuing, please read the category descriptions which will help you to choose the most appropriate category for your nominee. They also give hints and tips on how to write a good citation.

Nomination form

This form is comprised of two parts: about the nominee and about you.

All fields are mandatory except indicated otherwise. Information may be lost if an error occurs, so we recommend drafting your application in an offline format, then pasting into the form below when ready to submit.

Women in Defence UK nomination form

If you are nominating a team or organisation, please provide the team/organisation name here. Please use the remaining nominee fields to provide a point of contact.

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