Make nutrition personal

Helping deliver personalised nutrition to the masses

The consumer

Today’s consumer sees personalised nutrition as a better way to meet their specific health and wellness goals, from improving immunity and managing fatigue to enhancing sports performance and boosting beauty from the inside.

The businesses

New business models, the growing availability of data and the rapid progress of technology are making personalised nutrition a true omni-channel opportunity. New entrants and start-ups that operate at smaller scales are currently dominating the market.

Science and tech

Advances in gene therapy, AI, machine learning, 3D printing, nutrition trackers and wearables, as well as our understanding of nutrition and microbiomes, enable novel ways to benefit human health, such as integrating real-time user data to predict a person's overall health and optimise it through food, sleep and more.

Helping you deliver personalised nutrition to the masses

Research predicts the global personalised nutrition market will grow from $8.2 billion in 2020 to $16.4 billion by 2025. The ability to deliver personalised nutrition to the masses is a huge business growth opportunity. But key challenges remain. How do you:

  • Create a business model that delivers personalisation at scale, profitably
  • Harness the power of your innovation engine to deliver a solution made for an individual
  • Empower personalised consumer experiences
  • Build permanent consumer advocacy
  • Generate unique insights and value from consumer data?

We can help you seize the opportunity from these challenges. We balance consumer desirability with business viability and technical feasibility to deliver scalable personalisation solutions.

How we can help

Most personalisation offerings rely on consumers choosing from a standard set of products. True personalisation, where products are manufactured based on a person’s unique biology, condition or preferences, has been limited by technology and organisations’ own processes. But we’re now at a tipping point where the technical and process challenges are resolvable for an acceptable investment.

From idea to market in months

Our personalisation accelerator takes your new venture from idea to the market in months rather than years.

We can help you generate disruptive business models and strategies, and accelerate the launch of your personalisation venture to the masses.

Disruptive growth opportunities require different mindsets, partnerships and expectations. You need to be able to test, learn, drive and adapt much more quickly than is typically possible within your existing infrastructure.

It's a brave new way of doing business.

We have unique experience in establishing disruptive new growth ventures, taking them from idea to launch in an accelerated timeline.

Innovation in nutrition, ingredients and food science

Our diverse team of experts have extensive experience in nutrition research and evidence, as well as food science and formulations. We have relationships with ingredient manufacturers, flavour and fragrance companies, and researchers working at the cutting edge of nutrition and food science, and we can help you understand novel compounds to make your personalised products even more effective. We work with you to understand the evidence and create credible, effective products to meet consumer needs.

Deep dive into diagnostics

Scientific diagnostic technologies are becoming less expensive, more accurate and easier to use. Our diverse teams of scientists, digital experts, technologists, customer experience experts and engineers understand diagnostics. And they know how to create useful tools, from questionnaires to microbiome, DNA and hormone testing. That means we can help you develop the right diagnostic solution to deliver truly personalised services and products to your consumers.

Connected devices and delivery systems

Our deep product design, development and digital expertise enables clients to deliver connected devices with a true personalised experience. Consumers usually ingest nutrition products, food and beverages, but we’re rethinking delivery systems, including novel product forms and functions. Delivery systems can combine packaging design innovations, health outcomes research and product functionality to create a system and experience that delivers the personalised benefits consumers need.

Personalised digital experiences

We design and implement the data science, learning algorithms and technology that support personalisation throughout the consumer experience. And we can help you gather data and make it meaningful, drawing insights to inform future product development and consumer engagement.

Product and packaging that delight consumers

Product and packaging design make or break the consumer experience. Combining design, consumer insight and process engineering lets us rapidly take breakthrough products to market by:

  • Discovering unmet needs
  • Reinventing existing experiences
  • Delivering world-first experiences
  • Optimising and redefining for the future.

High-speed flexible and scalable manufacturing

We combine robotics, agility and flexibility with speed to create next-generation manufacturing solutions for personalisation. Such manufacturing lines can create customised nutrition products for an individual consumer, enable intelligent order collation for operational efficiency, provide a ‘tool-less’ platform for ‘run anything’ manufacturing schedule, and fill and pack at speed.

Sustainability at the heart

Consumers today demand more sustainable products and packaging to reduce their environmental footprint. We design sustainable, reusable and returnable packaging, as well as sustainable subscription business models that embrace the Circular Economy and make D2C fulfilment less impactful on our shared environment. We can also help develop and implement more sustainable supply chain operations and manufacturing infrastructure.

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