The Twin Transition 2.0

A practical framework to help leaders join digital and sustainability roadmaps

Digital transformation plays a major role in our efforts to reach net zero by 2050. According to the World Economic Forum, digital solutions could reduce global emissions by 20 percent.

While sustainability is on the agenda for most organisations, few consider how digital technologies can accelerate their sustainability transition. This is why, in partnership with Royal Schiphol Group, we developed the Twin Transition methodology.

The methodology

Proven and tested by Schiphol and specifically designed for CIO, CTOs, and CSOs, the methodology enables leaders to create, accelerate, and implement a successful Twin Transition strategy. 

It focuses on unlocking the potential of IT and data solutions to accelerate organisational sustainability (Greening by IT), and applying sustainable thinking to technology, data assets, and infrastructures (Greening of IT).

We’re pleased to release an updated, summarised version of the methodology to help you easily and quickly understand what the journey entails and the tools available for practical implementation.

For those interested in a deeper dive, we welcome your thoughts.

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