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Customising Dry Molded Fiber for your specific needs

Pulpac and PA's Dry Molded Fiber (DMF) solution is revolutionising sustainable packaging, enabling bespoke and complex designs while offering commercial alternatives to single-use plastic. Partnering with a diverse ecosystem of collaborators and our versatile team of innovators, we guide you seamlessly from proof of concept to large-scale production.

For more than 80 years, we have helped leading global clients to achieve their sustainability goals by turning innovation into tangible action. We welcome brands seeking to reduce carbon emissions and substitute plastics, without compromising on affordability or excellence. With DMF, sustainability is no longer a landscape of trade-offs.
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Create low-cost parts at high-speed from shallow-and deep-drawn to complex shapes, with an ability to vary performance barriers, and premium finishes. Our packaging solutions are recyclable in the main paper waste streams.

High speed, low cost parts
From zero barrier, short to long use-life to barriers for multiple functionalities, demanding applications, and complex product needs
Fiber options
A wide range of options available from standard tree pulp to cotton, bamboo, grasses, recycled fibers, and more
Raw material compatibility assurance
Material testing and characterisation to assess and ensure the quality, properties, and behaviours of the raw materials
Shaping and forming complexity
Able to create shallow parts with simple geometry and deeper draws with compartments, as well as specialised/ multi-feature options for complex applications with alternative forming requirements
Design features and functionalities
Multitude of options from in-part hinges, tear and burst options, undercuts, de-nesting and stacking, lidding, sealing, buttons, internal cut-outs, and more
Decoration options
Coloured pulp, tissue, labels, surface texture changes, embossing, debossing, tampo printing, hot foil stamping, post process labels, overwraps, sleeves, and more
Recyclable in the paper waste stream

Production process

The PulPac Modula (PU300) is engineered as a modular industrial production line, ready for food grade production of high volume and affordable Dry Molded Fiber products. The very first demonstration line has been set up in PulPac’s Tech Center in Sweden, where industrial food grade manufacturing of sustainable spoons made of pure cellulose fibers has begun.

Production of Dry Molded Fiber packaging

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