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Using artificial intelligence to recognise customers and increase sales

Rabobank, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company, wanted to ensure they had the best possible sales process to stay competitive in a crowded market. Making sure customers who made an initial enquiry went on to complete their application was vital. Our diverse team of experts helped Rabobank link their data for the first time, providing insight into the customer journey and ensuring a sales person can easily contact the customer to help complete their application.

Key successes

  • Streamlined the sales process
  • Used data to get a clear view of the customer journey

Using data to improve the sales process

With PA’s help, we got powerful insight into the way customers were using our various channels. Connecting what we knew about people’s activity on our website and with our CRM data meant our branches could give a substantial boost to their performance. Aligning the data showed them ‘moments of truth’: points in a customer’s interaction where they were missing opportunities – taking too long to respond to enquiries, for example. PA’s data driven approach and their sensitivity to our business and our commercial challenges helped us accelerate our digital transformation – putting customers at the centre of it all.”
Manager sales & distribution, Rabobank

With competition in the mortgage market in the Netherlands growing, Rabobank needed their sales operation to be flawless. Making sure customers who made an initial enquiry went on to complete their application was vital.

The lender’s systems were making this hard. Data generated by an enquiry at a branch was recorded differently from when the same customer contacted the call centre or visited the website. For example, their first name might appear in full, in a shortened form or as an initial.

We helped Rabobank link the three sets of data for the first time. The software we wrote can match data to individuals even when their information isn’t consistent. When the software spots that a customer’s application has faltered, it issues an alert. This means a sales person can contact the customer to help complete their application.

Gaining insight into the customer journey

Analysing the data produced clear evidence of where sales teams needed to focus their effort to maximise sales. What’s more, with an accurate picture of the customer journey for mortgage products, the bank was able to make the whole process smoother.

Rabobank was so impressed with the results from this work, they’ve since applied the same approach for over 25 different products. Our initial project for the bank was an inspiring demonstration of the potential of AI to increase sales and improve the customer experience.

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