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Creating an alternative to single use plastic packaging in everyday consumer items

PulPac, a Swedish R&D and IP company, is seeking to transform the packaging industry with an innovative production method that can replace single use plastic at cost parity. The patented approach uses less energy and water than similar methods, making it cost effective. And the material – generic pulp from cellulose – is a renewable resource.

With expertise in end-to-end innovation and sustainability, and a legacy of accelerating new product and packaging concepts to market, we’ve partnered with PulPac to become their development and scale up partner for global brands. We’re helping them develop their products while leveraging our relationships as an advisor to the world’s largest consumer and packaged goods brands, to grow their market share. Our work to date has included enhancement of their technology, IP development, advising on product design, and building market demand for their products.

One example is the opportunity to cut back on the more than 100,000 tonnes of plastic medicine packaging every year. In 2022, we launched The Blister Pack Collective to use PulPac’s technology to provide a recyclable and sustainable fiber alternative with minimal use of plastic to traditional non-recyclable PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) blister packs.

And, looking to 2023, we’re planning to launch The Bottle Collective, to create an alternative to single-use and commodity plastic bottles, which would be applicable to multiple products and categories. Our mechanical engineering, design, automation, and material sciences teams are developing functioning prototypes. And we’re looking to welcome leading brand partners into the Collective.

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