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The revolutionary kitchen towel

Ora is the first all-round household towel that features a modern, compact stacking system, allowing you to grab a single sheet with just one hand. Created by British consumer goods company Better All Round, Ora has no cardboard inner tube and a space-saving compact design, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to traditional kitchen towels. We helped the organisation develop an innovative new manufacturing process that enabled them to go from concept to finished product in store within 12 months.

Key successes

  • Helped develop a revolutionary eco-friendly kitchen towel design
  • Enabled the business to go launch their product within 12 months
  • Reduced packaging by 20% with innovative design
  • Inspiring 60% of consumers surveyed to say they would switch brands and buy Ora

Challenging the norm

New Ora kitchen towel: from concept to supermarket shelf in less than 12 months

Although there has been a steady climb in market demand and penetration, the household kitchen towel sector had seen no genuine innovation since its inception in 1931. Working closely with our client, Better All Round, we have challenged the norm.

Ora has been designed to make using kitchen towels easier by layering single round sheets through an innovative stacking system. As there are no perforations, you simply lift off a sheet with one hand. Each stack contains the equivalent of two traditional kitchen towel rolls held in a waterproof card base rather than on a roll. Everyone wins: Ora’s space saving design and round shape means 20 per cent less packaging, over 30 per cent fewer trucks on the road and less space required in the supermarket and in the home. And less waste for our planet.

Developing a new manufacturing approach

Driving this development – from the business design and concept to finished product in store within 12 months – has been a real achievement. With no pre-existing equipment available, we developed a completely new manufacturing process at our Global Innovation and Technology Centre. We brought together a diverse team of experts working across packaging, new product development and manufacturing. The combination of a great concept, a great team and ultimately a great product has resulted in almost 60 per cent of consumers surveyed saying they would switch brands and buy Ora.

Its unique and innovative design has resulted in numerous accolades including most recently winner of the 2017 Trade Monthly Food & Drinks Awards (Household); silver in the 2016 DBA Design Effectiveness Awards and in 2014, winner of the prestigious Grocer New Product Awards (Household).

Today, you can find Ora in selected Tesco stores, and

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